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perhf-deactivated20140704 asked: your blog is amazing!

thank you so much!!! i loved yours too!! xoxo

Anonymous asked: please change your url to summmmer

im sorry, but i like this way, im not changing just because an anonynous asked :/

ovoleahxo asked: hey ! love your blog c: do me a big favor please ? c:

thank you!!! what favor? :) xoxo

Anonymous asked: what theme is this?

sorry, i changed a long time ago and I never found it again :( but I think is something to do with themanatio im sorry dunno :(((( xoxo

Anonymous asked: i got a similar message from of my followers but you actually should go to tumblrstaff(.)com for free headphones.. it works


ursodiumfine asked: Luv your blog!! Can you check mine out?

loved yours!!!! following xoxo

magwithlove asked: niceeee,I love your blog <3 pls check out mine :)

thank you! i loved your blog, but I only follow summer blogs :( xoxo

Anonymous asked: what does summer-time mean? also do you make $ with your blog using peepspayerDOTcom?

summer-time means summertime auheiueiaheuiaeie